Destination SPACE (Satellite Program for Aerospace-Centered Education), operating through the Asheville Museum of Science (AMOS), is designed to promote and cultivate long term interest in Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) disciplines by providing unique, hands-on, remote sensing educational opportunities for public high school students. Destination SPACE runs two programs annually: Satellite Week and ThinSat Program. Satellite Week, designed as a a week-long summer camp, introduces remote sensing and engineering concepts, as participants design and build their own sensors and launch them on weather balloons. The ThinSat Program runs throughout the school year with a curriculum that spans over three phases of increasing complexity culminating with student designed ThinSats that launch off a stage-2 rocket in a low earth orbit. Students receive an in-depth understanding of satellites and remote sensing and develop their own research projects. Destination Space will soon expand into a third Deep Space Program - coming soon.

2018 Destination Space - Stem

Destination Space - STEM!